Time to Lie by Phil Taylor

Time to Lie Phil Taylor

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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There are not many books I finish in one day, but Time to Lie sits proudly in an extremely short list. I was aided by the fact that it was a rainy, computer- and phone-free day. But that wasn’t the main reason for the quick read. It’s because it’s a really good book.

It has intriguing characters, a smoothly flowing style and a plotline that while a bit slow to start, soon hooked me in and gets increasingly complex and absorbing as the book progresses.

It’s set in a US college where Taylor describes enough Americana to make it interesting for a non-American reader, but not too much to make it totally alien.

Back in time, uniquely

The main character is Landon Bridges, a self-confessed physics nerd with eyes only for the pretty Siobhan. At this early stage I was wondering if I’d let myself in for a college rom-com, but I was soon proved wrong. Brandon meets the Head of Physics and soon discovers that the enigmatic Prof knows far more about time travel than he lets on during his lectures.

Once Landon discovers how to time travel, the plot takes off with Landon and his “future me” having both hilarious and scary experiences. I’m not an expert on time travel, but I definitely hadn’t come across Taylor’s method of travelling in time!

As the plot thickens, it becomes clear that some of the characters rooted in Landon’s present may not be quite who and what they appear to be. Time to Lie also packs some emotional punches, particularly when Landon travels back in time to meet his father.

Time to Lie is intricately plotted and cleverly crafted. Taylor writes well, with his own brand of irony and humour. The book has obviously been carefully edited. I congratulate the author on an outstanding first book in the Landon Bridges series and look forward to the next instalment.

When is that coming out, I wonder? As I lack Landon’s ability to time travel and visit a book store in the future, I’ll have to ask the author himself …

Interview with Phil Taylor

How long do we have to wait for the sequel? Not too long I hope!

I think that book 2 in the Landon Bridges saga will be out within two to three months. It’s in the hands of the publisher right now.

How many books do you envisage in the Landon Bridges series, and have you got the plotlines sketched out already?

I’m envisioning four books in the series, one for each of his years at university. I only have the basics of book three sketched out in my head. I hate to plan too much ahead because I don’t want to narrow my focus and inadvertently rule out options for where the story can go.

Do you specialize in time travel writing or is this your first attempt?

I’ve been a fan of time travel movies since I was young, but this was my first attempt at writing a time travel story. It was quite a challenge to create a method of time travel which was different than anything else already in fiction.

How much of the book is autobiographical? Are you that physics nerd able to “write and relate equations like poetry”?

I wouldn’t say that it’s autobiographical, but I definitely drew on my experiences in college for some of the color and characters in this book. I’m definitely not a physics nerd. To be truthful, math and sciences were not my strong suit when I was  in school. Psychology was my forte, which is how I thought up the method by which Landon is able to travel in time.

You reference Dr. Who, Back to the Future, Star Trek … but what books on time travel have influenced you the most?

Embarrassingly, I’ve only read one novel involving time travel, and that was Stephen King’s 11/22/63. I consider that to be a brilliant masterpiece with the perfect ending. The ending was actually written by his son, who goes by the pen name Joe Hill, and is an accomplished novelist as well.

Thanks Phil, and success with the future … er, and the past.




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  1. Thank you Denzil and Phil for a lovely interview of an unusual book. I was a big fan of Dr Who in my youth and Back to the Future enchanted me too. Best of luck with the series. 🌼

  2. Wonderful review and interview, Denzil … you manage to bring such life and energy into both! 😀 Unlike the author I was addicted to time travel books, series, films for many years and this is one I’m very tempted to pick up!

  3. Denzil, I know that my usual response to one of your book reviews is me saying that I need to add it to my list….However, I have already read this one!! I really enjoyed it too, and I am also really looking forward to the next in the series!

    • Denzil

      Phew. that’s a relief. I was beginning to think that my book reviews were going to leave you in poverty.

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