Song of the Rolling Earth

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Song Of The Rolling Earth by John Lister-Kaye
ISBN: 9780349143262
on October 5th 2017
Genres: Biography & Autobiography, General
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I’ve never been to the Aigas Field Centre (unfortunately), which the author established in 1977 and which is the focus of this book. But thanks to Mr. Lister-Kaye’s excellent book, I feel I know it and the surrounding area as well as I do my own garden and local patch of countryside.

His powers of observation are phenomenal and his way with words when he describes his experiences are exceptional. His description of the Uroceros wood wasp laying her eggs in a log is a prime example. “She is a power tool in chitin … straining like every schoolboy who has tried to force his compass points into the desktop”. I feel I am there, crouching down with the author, and like him I have to stand up and stretch my sore legs.

That’s the magic of Lister-Kaye: he’s not just telling you about his intimate experiences; he’s sharing them with you. Read this and you’ll find yourself hearing the wild songs of the rolling earth yourself, without a doubt.

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