Faking Friends by Jane Fallon: The Nature of Friendship

Faking Friends by Jane Fallon
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Faking Friends by Jane Fallon
ISBN: 9781405933117
Published by Penguin Books Limited on January 11th 2018
Genres: Black Humor, Contemporary Women, Family Life, Fiction, Humorous, Romance, Romantic Comedy
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For this book review I want you to use your imagination.

Imagine you are Amy. A 30-something English actress. You share a flat in London with your fiancé Jack. You’ve been working in the States for a few months on a soap, but you’ve suddenly been written out of the plot. You impulsively decide to fly back to London to seek solace in the arms of Jack. But you don’t tell him that you’re coming.

You arrive at the flat. Jack’s at work so the place is deserted. But there’s something not quite right with the flat:

  • It’s tidy – but untidiness is in Jack’s DNA
  • A whiff of a strange perfume hangs in the air
  • Unfamiliar female toiletries are lined up in the bathroom
  • Women’s dresses that aren’t yours hang up in the wardrobe
  • An open suitcase is on the bedroom floor, holding women’s clothes.

Don’t forget: you’re Amy. What would you imagine you would do? Would you feel:

  • Murderous? You fly into the kitchen, grab the biggest, sharpest knife, and head towards Jack’s office
  • Revengeful? You pick up the suitcase, hurl it out of the window onto the pavement below, then put the dresses in the bath and set fire to them
  • Confrontational? You immediately get on the phone to Jack and demand to know “what the hell is going on?”
  • Incredulous? You refuse to believe the evidence in front of you and begin to run through the possibilities: it’s his mother, sister, niece …
  • Emotional? You burst into tears, collapse on the bed and beat the pillows senseless
  • Accommodating? You text Jack that you’re coming back to London in three days, and until then you go and stay with your mother.

What would you do?

Or would you do something else? (Let me know in the comments below).

What does Amy do?

That’s for you to find out! And it’s worth finding out!

Faking Friends is a really good read. Its plot canters along at a good pace, it has quite a few unexpected twists, and the characters are strongly and realistically described. Some of them are pretty unsavoury; others are angels in disguise. Basically, the storyline is about toxic relationships and healthy relationships. About friends who really aren’t; and friends who definitely are. About the nature of friendship.

The denouement may leave you feeling a little unsettled. You might start wondering where the line should be drawn when it comes to revenge. Or you might consider justice was done.

Surprisingly the product description on the back of the book and the publisher’s blurb on Amazon reveal who this mystery woman is! Try to avoid reading it and you’ll get an extra surprise. Click below to order direct.

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One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

14 responses to “Faking Friends by Jane Fallon: The Nature of Friendship

    • Denzil

      Yes Brigid, I read it the same time as my wife was reading it which was fun. It was nice to read something different.

    • Denzil

      Yes Carrie, it was an interesting read. I do wish that publishers wouldn’t put spoilers into their blurb on the back cover. Sometimes I just like to pick up a book and read it without knowing much about the plot at all.

    • Denzil

      You know Pat, I sometimes wonder if I give too much info in book reviews. Maybe I should tease more, what do you think?

  1. This sounds like a good combination of relationships, mystery, and apparently, a strong woman. As to your question about what would one feel? I suspect I might feel all of them in very rapid succession, but I know which two would stick. Ha!

  2. Denzil, a great introduction to the book and I like how you ask the reader what they would do in a similar situation. I have a feeling my reaction would be nothing like Amy’s! This looks so inviting, and I’m definitely intrigued – might well take a look further. I am wondering why the publisher and amazon would reveal the mystery woman!

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