What on earth is Christian Animism?

Christian animism by Shawn Sanford Beck
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Christian Animism by Shawn Sanford Beck
ISBN: 9781782799665
Published by John Hunt Publishing on May 29th 2015
Genres: Body, Mind & Spirit, Christianity, General, Nature, Religion
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This is a short (one hour) and easy read that conveys the concepts of Christian animism clearly. The author starts by defining animism, looks briefly at why mainline Christianity generally derides both the term and the concept (now more than in the past), and then moves on to define Christian Animism. He also gives a historical perspective as well as other religious traditions that have helped form his view.

The author is no vague mystic; he is very much down to earth, giving helpful practical implications of Christian Animism in the areas of ecology, inter-faith dialogue and personal spirituality.

Enjoy the spirits of nature

All in all I find this a very thought-provoking booklet that provides an integral and attractive worldview. The author suggests there is much to be gained and enjoyed from not just becoming more aware of the natural world around us, but developing spiritual practices “designed to facilitate and enhance my relationship with the living Earth and the spirits of nature which surround us.”

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  1. Just bought it on my kindle, Denzil. I’m happiest when I’m out and close to nature, and I think I’ll enjoy this book very much. 🙂

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